Water purifier can save lives

KANGEN, South Africa (AP) The head of South Africa’s water authority has proposed a new water purification technology that he says is “really a breakthrough.”

It’s called alkaline distilled water, or KDF.

Its makers say it can remove some of the toxins and pollutants from drinking water, making it safe for humans and animals.

Its proponents say it has many advantages over traditional filtration systems that remove all or most contaminants in water.

The proposal comes after more than a year of controversy over water purifiers that can turn water into toxic substances, such as hydrogen cyanide.

The South African government has pledged to ban the technology, which it says kills millions of people.

Its new proposal is to be announced Thursday.

It will take effect on April 4.

The KDF technology uses a liquid to clean water by removing the salts and carbonates that are a byproduct of using traditional filters.

It removes all or a portion of contaminants by a process called ion exchange.”KDF has been demonstrated to remove harmful substances from drinking-water by ion exchange, which is a process that removes substances from the water,” said the South African Water Authority in a statement Thursday.

The authority also said the technology could be applied to other water purifying systems and to “shelter plants from the elements.””KDF has been tested and proven to work in both freshwater and marine environments,” it said.

“It is also environmentally sound.”

The technology has also been tested to kill viruses, according to a statement from the South Africa Institute of Technology.

The institute is based in Pretoria, a city in South Africa.

It’s not clear what form the KDF would take in a world where water purifications are becoming more common.

The U.S. is already working on a hydrogen ion exchange technology.

The U.K. has also made its water purifyers safer, with the introduction of an ion exchange system.

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