Russian purifier manufacturer buys Iranian maker of water purifiers

Russian purifiers manufacturer ROC is buying Iranian maker Ofpis Water Purifiers, a company that has built its business on selling water purification systems and other equipment to countries like Iran, Iraq, and Libya.

The company said in a statement to Reuters that the deal is worth about $3.8 billion.

ROC said the deal includes a license for Ofpas to manufacture and sell ROCs, and a partnership with the company that makes the company’s water purifying systems.

ROGO is the world’s largest producer of water filter components and a major player in the purification industry, and ROC has built a long history of manufacturing water filters and other products for both domestic and foreign customers.

In 2015, ROC announced a deal to buy the Italian firm Envisioni, which makes the industry’s iconic water purifications equipment, and the company announced a partnership last year with Iran’s Altek.

Roca and Altek also have similar brands, including the Envision, the Enkon, and some of the Envista models.

The ROC deal is the first major purchase of equipment from a Russian company, which also owns the Altek brand.

In a separate news release, Roca said it was acquiring Altek’s operations in Iraq.

It also announced that it was purchasing the assets of a company based in the Netherlands.

RSC, which owns ROC and has a global footprint, was founded in the late 1960s by billionaire Roman Abramovich and the family of Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

Roc’s stock was up 1.3 percent to $13.96 in afternoon trading.

The Associated Press has contacted ROC for comment.

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