What is Purification Water?

India has been trying to bring purification water to its people for centuries.

But with the country’s population and agricultural produce declining and the demand for clean drinking water soaring, it has struggled to find a solution.

But now, one of the world’s biggest purifiers is in the works, and it could help revive India’s thirst for clean water.

India’s largest purifier, the Bharat Puri Ltd., will be based in the eastern state of Uttar Pradesh, which borders Uttar Pradesh.

Puri will be a large, green, modern building that will produce 1,400 million litres of purified water a day, a third of India’s drinking water requirements.

The new facility, slated to be completed in the next two years, is expected to produce 100 million litres a day.

The company is already supplying about half the demand.

“The main goal of this project is to bring back our people’s demand for drinking water,” said Praveen Kumar, Puri’s CEO.

The company will start by supplying 100 million liters of purified drinking water daily in its first phase, and by expanding into three other areas by the end of this year.

The government has invested more than Rs.2,000 crore ($4.8 million) in the project, but Kumar is confident that it will go ahead.

“We have been working on this project for about three years.

We are confident that this project will get off the ground,” he said.

The Bharatpur water project will cost Rs.10,000 ($1,300) a day in electricity, which will be shared equally between the state and central government.

A third of the cost of the project will come from a private investor.

The government is aiming to use about 1.7 million tonnes of purified river water a year for its urban areas.

The water will be piped to households, as well as the rural areas of the state, by 2020.

“In the first phase of this scheme, about 500 million litres will be produced, while the second phase will produce 5 million litres,” Kumar said.

To help rural residents, the project is also expected to offer free water for three years, with the first-year payments going to those with household water needs.

Puris purification plant, which is expected be completed by 2020, will also use recycled water for the purification process, which can reduce the pollution and greenhouse gases.

Puri has already begun to take its first customers, but the company expects to expand to the cities in the coming months.

The plant will take the water from the Kheri river in Uttar Pradesh to the Puri river, about 100 kilometres (62 miles) upstream from Delhi, in Maharashtra.

The Kheru river is the main water source for most of India, and is also a major source of drinking water in Gujarat and Bihar.

Puris has been testing the water to ensure that it meets India’s strict requirements for safe drinking water.

India has no laws that restrict the amount of water that can be used for purification, and the government has only recently introduced strict rules for water quality.

India is expected use only a fraction of its total drinking water supply.

Puristions own water has been used for drinking and bathing, and many of the other major purifiers have not been tested for safe water quality, as they use treated water.

“There are no water quality regulations in India.

The problem is that the government is not enforcing regulations,” Kumar explained.

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