Why is the water at the top of the list for cleanest water in California?

The water quality of the state’s top aquifer is at a critical point after decades of declining water levels due to climate change, and some water systems are looking to solve that problem with an experimental purification system.

California’s most populous city, Los Angeles, recently tested the water it uses to wash the city’s cars, homes and businesses, as part of a pilot program.

The city said it’s testing the water for contamination and bacteria in order to help ensure the city gets the cleanest drinking water in the nation.

The city has been testing its water for bacteria in the water supply since July, but has not tested for contamination.

The Los Angeles City Council has said that testing the drinking water is the best way to determine whether the city is getting clean water.

It’s unclear how much of the city has used the water, but the mayor said Los Angeles has tested more than 1,300 samples since the pilot program began in July.

The water from the water system is treated to remove bacteria, and it’s purified by using a chemical that is designed to remove salts from water.

The new water is purified using a process called desalination.

The Los Angeles water purification program has been around for years, but this is the first time the city uses it to clean the water.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said that city has taken a lot of steps to clean up its water, and he hopes the city can do the same with the water purifying water.

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