Which water purifiers do you need?

The price of a single-use water purification unit has been steadily declining for years, and as of August, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission had declared that many of the most popular brands had stopped selling them.

And while they’re still available in some markets, like Texas, California, and New York, the market has been shrinking for years.

Here are the top 10 water purifying devices you can buy now.1.

The Sawyer Water Purifier for the Price of a Bags of Coke, Now on Sale for $299.952.

The AquaClear Aquatic Purifier Water Purifiers for $249.953.

The Aquabook Water Purifying Water Purification Systems for $169.954.

The Water Puritron 2 for $179.955.

The Pico Purifier is now $149.95 for single-cycle, or $149 for two cycles for a combined cost of $399.95.

The Purewater Eco-Purifier has also gone on sale for $129.95, and the Aquarom Water Purificator has gone on Sale at a reduced price of $59.95 (that includes shipping).

It’s a great price for the water purifications, but you can still get the best results with the most expensive models.

(The Purewater is also on sale at a discount.

For $199.95 it’s worth it to get both.)

For those of you that love the Aquabooks but don’t like the price tag, the AquaClear AquaClear comes with a 1-year warranty.

The new Purewater Aquaboom comes with an 8-month warranty.

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