Laser water purifiers cost more than $100K, according to government study

The price of a water purification system has been estimated to be about $100,000, according a government report released Wednesday.

The price tag for a high-end water purifying system with a laser can be $100 million, according the report from the Federal Trade Commission.

The report said that’s just the price tag, but that the cost could be higher because many manufacturers have “low or no documentation requirements for the cost of their water purging systems.”

The FTC report said companies that use lasers to purify water can expect to spend between $1.8 million and $5.9 million on a laser system.

“It’s a fairly significant sum for a laser water purizer,” the report said.

“The most expensive product we have found that uses a laser is the $25,000 laser water-purification unit that we found in our research.”

The report noted that many people who want to buy a laser-powered water purifyer are unaware that it costs so much more.

It also found that a majority of water purified water systems do not meet the EPA’s standards for water quality, according.

The EPA’s Clean Water Act requires manufacturers of water treatment systems to test for the presence of certain contaminants, including lead, arsenic, and other toxic metals, and to test water for salinity and pH.

A study released earlier this year found that most water systems failed to meet the standards for these tests, and that manufacturers have been caught off-guard by the requirements.

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