How to get geneus’ water purifiers at the farmers’ market

A few farmers have been making a habit of using the geneus-branded water purification dispenser to deliver water from the geneuus water dispenser at the Kisan farmers’ markets.

As per reports, this has been happening for years in the villages of Chitral and Jamshedpur.

“The dispenser can be found at the farm gate and is equipped with a digital device.

It is not available at the market.

In case of shortage, we use a different dispenser.

We have to have a generator, which can be bought in bulk from the market,” said Manoj Kumar, an agricultural labourer.

The dispenser is not sold in the market but it is available in various other places.

“We do not know where the generator is being supplied from.

The farmers who sell the dispenser say it is supplied by the State,” said Sushil Kumar, a farmer from Jamsheshpur.

Farmers also complain that the dispensers is not functioning as advertised.

“It seems that the water from this dispenser comes from the river Yamuna.

But we don’t know where that river comes from.

Also, if there is a problem with the dispensing device, farmers say they get the water but when the water runs out, they don’t get any,” said a farmer who declined to be identified.

The water purifying dispensers are not available in the markets as they are out of stock.

“Farmers who buy the dispensator say that they buy it from the State.

We will have to check this.

But they have been selling it at the markets for years.

Farmers who are concerned about water scarcity are purchasing the dispensering devices at the villages,” said Rishi Nair, a resident of Bishan, a village near Kasturba village.

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