How to save water and keep it clean

How to clean your home and water sources with an innovative purifier water purifying system using water purified from the Osmosis aquifer.

Read More”In a bid to prevent the spread of bacteria and toxins, we have used purified water to purify our home water supply,” said the founder of the company.

“Our purified water purifiers are also designed for use in schools, hospitals and other health-care facilities.”

Dr Gopal K. Dhami, who runs a private medical hospital, has installed the system in the hospital.

“The system is safe and it has been approved by the local authorities.

We are also giving the water purification machines to schools to give them water in the form of purified water,” he said.

Dr Dhamik said the system has worked well at his private hospital.

“I have never had any problems in the past, but now I am so pleased with the quality of the water we are using,” he added.

The Osmoses aquifer, which is a section of the Brahmaputra River, is a tributary of the Ganges and is a major source of drinking water for hundreds of millions of people in India and across the world.

According to the National Institute of Water Resources, about 3.5 billion litres of purified river water, about 70% of which is diverted to agricultural areas, is needed annually in the country.

While the state-run Water Corporation of India (WCAI) has already launched a pilot project in Bihar, Dr Dhamis water purifications will soon begin in Gujarat.

The new purifiers have already been tested in the state’s Bhatkal district and have received their first official approval from the WCAI.

Dr K. Ramaswamy, who is the WCCI president, said the purifiers will be tested at various points around the state to see how well they work.

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