Which water purifiers should you buy?

Renovo has announced a new water purification device that it claims can eliminate 80% of bacteria from your drinking water.

According to a press release, the device, which is due to be launched in March, “will reduce the amount of bacteria in your drinking tap water from around 1,000 micrograms per liter to 0.001, or one millilitre per hour”.

This is a huge reduction, and the company says that by reducing the amount by 80%, you will see a reduction in the amount bacteria in the drinking water you drink.

“Renovo water has developed a water purifying device that eliminates bacteria from drinking water,” a spokesperson told the BBC.

“The new product is the first in the Renovo Water Purification System, which combines two highly effective products in one.

The water purifyor will reduce the bacteria in drinking water by 80% by 2020.”

The device will not only remove bacteria, but also any other contaminants that have been added to your drinking solution.

The company says it will offer the device for free, but that “the cost will be covered by a rebate, which will be sent to the customer for a reasonable amount of time”.

As with other brands, it will only work if you are using a filter that is designed for use with purified water, and this can be tricky.

The device, dubbed “Renovo Water Purifier”, has a range of filters available for sale.

This particular filter has been designed to filter water from “low-level” bacteria such as Pseudomonas and E. coli.

It also has a “pump” for removing water from higher-level bacteria, such as E.coli and Pseudococcus.

However, this is not the only filter that Renovo has.

According the company, there are a range for other kinds of bacteria, including Campylobacter and Salmonella.

There are also filters for “mold and fungus” that can be used to filter out the latter.

The “Renova” water purifications are made up of two filters.

The first is a filter for “low level” bacteria, and it has a cap of 30ml, and a hose that can accommodate one of three sizes of the filter.

The second filter has a capacity of 400ml, which can be fitted with a cap that is 20ml.

It can be attached to a filter basket, and can be cleaned or reused, and “any water that has been filtered can be recycled into the new water”.

According to the press release the device will be available in “select markets”, and will cost around $99.

This means that, if you’re looking for a water filter, the price will be relatively cheap.

The main difference between the two devices is the filter basket.

The Renovos filter basket is designed to be able to fit a water bottle, and has a lid that allows the water to drain.

The basket has a diameter of 16cm and is “available in several sizes”, the press statement said.

The size of the basket is also dependent on the size of water that you want to filter.

If you want filtered water that is from a water source that is high in nitrate, such a filter will work well.

However if you want your water from a source that has a pH level that is very low, such an option will not work.

According Renovs website, the company has also released a press statement explaining the device’s purpose and the cost.

The press release stated that “The Renova Water Purifiers filter basket can be designed to fit bottles, and also the basket can also be used as a sink and the device can be reused.”

The press statement went on to say that “When a new product comes out that purifies water, you can be assured that the product is designed by Renovon with the highest standards, and will perform well for you and your household.

The price of the water purifi ce is the same for both of these solutions.”

However, according to the company’s website, “The product is only compatible with the Renovono Water Purify, which allows for the cleaning of water from low-level to high-level and higher- and higher concentrations of bacteria.”

The spokesperson also explained that the company is working with the Food and Drug Administration and the EPA to develop a standard for the water filter basket to ensure it will not break down under normal use.

The product is being marketed by the company as “the world’s first water purificator that filters clean drinking water”.

“Renovation” is a buzzword in the water industry, as this is a new device that will be made by Renovo.

The media has been focusing on the fact that the device is a “renovo” because the name comes from the company itself, which means “re-engine

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