The best and worst of purified water products

Crossfield, the maker of purified and purified water, has a lot to be proud of.

The company is also in the midst of a massive recall over faulty products.

Crossfield issued a statement Monday night saying it is taking “very serious measures” to fix the defective water purification products, which are known to be contaminated with lead.

The company says the faulty products are sold to businesses across the U.S. that use Crossfield’s water purifying products.

It says customers have notified the company of the problems and it is working with state and local authorities to determine what additional steps need to be taken to resolve the situation.

“We are taking very serious measures to fix these products,” Crossfield spokesman Michael Stroud said in a statement.

Stroud said Crossfield will not stop producing the products until it is able to identify all the affected products.

He added that customers have contacted the company about the recalled products.

The water purging products can be found in stores and on the internet.

Crossfield is also facing a federal investigation over whether it knowingly sold the products to businesses with the potential for harm.

A company spokesperson told ESPN the investigation is ongoing.

The FDA’s consumer affairs office has not yet issued a finding about the safety of the products.

Companies that make and sell products made by Crossfield say the company has taken steps to prevent the product from being used in the first place.

Crossline, which is based in the state of Pennsylvania, is one of the largest purifier manufacturers in the country.

Crossflow, which makes a purified water purified byproducts, was founded in 2009 by Stroud and other executives.

Cross Flow is one company that has taken corrective action to prevent any future use of the tainted products.

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