Prakash Singh Grand water purifying purifier The Hindu title A grand water purificator? A Grand water purification purifier? The Indian Express

The grand water filter is a big part of India’s infrastructure.

The water is piped in by the central and state governments to homes and businesses.

But the purification process can be a chore. 

The process involves filtering out the polluted water. 

This water is also used for the purpose of irrigation, irrigation ponds and the like.

But when it comes to making water clean, it is not as simple as it sounds.

There are two different ways of purifying the water.

The first is a conventional water purified by gravity or other chemical methods.

The second is the use of a device called a purified purified water system.

The purification processes of the two are essentially the same.

The purification water is pumped into a well and then heated up.

This process has been used in various parts of the country.

The purifier has been in use in India for decades.

However, the purifier is not available in the country at the moment.

It is believed that the purifying process involves a combination of different chemicals and that the system requires an amount of water equivalent to about 20 liters of water to purify it.

The purification process also involves using various pumps and water pressure devices to purifies the water to a certain level.

The process is usually carried out in a sealed container and has been known to take up to two months to complete.

However, this system is being used in rural areas and in cities, where there are less people and there is a shortage of the water supply.

This water-saving technology is not easy to implement.

The country is facing a water crisis.

Water supply is being cut and there are fears that the situation will only get worse.

The water crisis was first brought to the fore after a series of cases of children being infected with polio and diarrhoea.

The country is in a state of emergency.

“The water is in the river but we can’t use it.

It is a very sensitive issue,” said Shailendra Bhardwaj, secretary, the National Rural Drinking Water Association of India.

He added that while the government is working to develop a water-purification system, the water authorities need to make sure that the water quality is being monitored.

A water purifyr is a device that uses water to convert water into clean water.

It uses centrifugal pressure to purified the water and a centrifugal force to purifying it.

To purify the water, it requires a pressure of 20 atmospheres to get a certain concentration of water.

At the moment, the system has about 20,000 taps, which is quite low, according to the Union Water Resources Department.

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