Forbes Water Purifier Is a $40 Water Purification Device, But Is It Worth It?

Forbes has recently published a piece about a water purification device called the “zero water purifying device” (ZPD), which claims to remove 99% of water, and is priced at $40.

In an article on their website, the company said that they have received positive feedback from customers, but that they are still in the process of evaluating the device and its potential to replace the need for water purifiers.

“The ZPD will remove 99.9% of your water intake,” the company wrote.

“But it is a little expensive.

So, we’re currently evaluating the ZPD for a potential replacement for your standard water purificator.”

They also offered a link to a product page on their site, which is where you can read the company’s full disclaimer.

However, you can find the full disclaimer in the company description: The ZPD™ Water Purifying System, Zero W, is the world’s first water purging system that is truly zero.

ZPD water purifies 100% of the water intake.

This is achieved through a unique technology that uses a combination of water ionization and electrolysis.

This water ionizing technology utilizes water in the same molecular structure as the water you drink and the water ionized and dissolved ions are separated and recombined to form a highly concentrated water.

The result is that the water absorbed in the water purify process is 99.98% water, with the remainder recycled.

The ZPI has been clinically tested and is safe to use in homes and businesses around the world.

The company also said that it has had positive customer reviews, but would need to conduct a thorough investigation to confirm whether it will be able to meet the needs of people.

The site said that if the ZPI were to fail in its mission to make water purifications 100% efficient, they would not replace the water in your home, or businesses, and would instead use a different technology.

“As we evaluate the ZPPD, we will share more information on its use and effectiveness,” the statement read.

However it’s not the first time the company has tried to make money off of water.

In 2011, the firm started a water filter for people to sell on eBay, and the company also sells a product that allows you to remove water through an ionizer, a product known as a “water filter” and an “antimicrobial filter”.

The company said it was launching the “Water Cleaner” as a standalone product, which will not work on conventional water filters.

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