Water purifier: New water purification method improves the health of animals

Purified water purifiers are becoming more popular among some consumers as the cost of bottled water falls.

Water purifiers have been around for many years but have been the subject of a debate about their health benefits and safety.

Water filtration systems are usually powered by electricity.

However, there are other methods of purification which have been shown to have improved the health and wellbeing of animals.

The Irish Journal of Food Science recently published a study into water filtigation, water purifications and animal welfare.

It concluded that a water purifying system is safer for animals than bottled water.

“A large proportion of the population uses bottled water but we also know that there is a strong relationship between consumption of bottled and use of a water filter,” Professor David Smith from the University of Limerick said.

“There are many studies which show that bottled water is more toxic and carcinogenic than tap water.

The data we have suggests that water filters are safer for humans.”

The paper found that water purificators are associated with fewer hospital admissions and lower mortality rates.

In terms of animal welfare, animal advocates said the study’s results showed the importance of water filter use for the health in animals.

“I think that if we are to improve animal welfare we need to look at all of the things that are going on in the environment that are contributing to animal welfare issues,” Professor Smith said.”[I think] that there are many water filts in the world and that we need better methods of controlling them so we can make sure they are not contributing to the problems that we have with water pollution.”

The Irish Society of Poultry Science has also been testing water purifyers.

“In terms [of] animal welfare there are really strong links between animal welfare and the use of water purifies,” Poultry Scientist Professor Mary Daly said.

The paper was funded by the Natural Environment Research Council of Ireland.

It is published in the Journal of Pest Science.


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