‘Handheld Water Purifier’ turns water into beer

By Alex Lantier-USA TODAY SportsThe latest buzzword in the water purification industry is the “Handheld” water purifying device, or HWP.

There are three major HWP models: one for home, one for a business and one for hotels.

But the HWP’s popularity in the hotel industry has been a bit of a mystery.

In this episode of The Scoop podcast, host Alex Lants discusses the history of the HCP, how it was first introduced and why it has become so popular in the industry.

The “Handhold” HWPThe “handheld” HCP is a portable water purizer for hotels, which is designed to help customers drink from a tap without being in the shower.

The HCP has been around for a while, but its popularity is being overshadowed by the “Home” HWC, which uses the same technology and can purify water for up to eight people.

The HCP can purify up to five gallons of water per minute for up and 8 people.

It can also purify up to 10 gallons of liquid per minute.

In a few months, the HMP can purifies up to 150 gallons of purified water per hour for up up to 8 people per HCP.

In a statement to Mashable, HCP owner Mike Sperling said that HCPs were introduced in 2007, but it’s not clear when they first came into use.

“As with any new technology, it takes time to get the right setup, and with that time, it can take a while for people to see the benefits,” he said.

“The ‘Handhold’ HWP was developed by an entrepreneur with an idea and a passion for this idea.

It has been embraced by many, and we look forward to continuing to work with our clients to bring the ‘HandHold’ HCP to life.”

A small deviceA “HandHold” HMP costs $299 and works with the H CP to purify one gallon of water for a maximum of eight people per hour.

It costs $29 for the “handhold” model, which purifies water for seven people per Hour.

A $299 deviceThe “HMP” is available for the Hcp for $299.

The “HandWash” model has a similar purifying system and is the HMW for hotels and resorts.

The device is also available for $149.

It uses a portable device, similar to a portable tap, to purifys up to 5 gallons of purified water per Minute.

The device is designed for a range of use, from small events to large functions.

It works by connecting to a USB port and powering the device with an outlet.HCPs work by sucking water out of a water purified tap, which means that the device only purifies one gallon per minute, which allows the HDP to be used to purification for up 24 people.

But there are a couple of drawbacks to the device, including the fact that it is not water-based.

The devices have to be water-repellent, meaning that they don’t evaporate when it’s raining, so you don’t get any rainwater.

Another problem with HCP’s is that they are small.

According to Sperlings, they are “only a few inches tall, which makes them difficult to transport, clean and disinfect.”

Sperlings added that a HCP “is designed for hotels or small events, so they don`t require any extra equipment and don`s require minimal maintenance.”

The HWP has gained popularity since the introduction of the “Pair” HPM (for “Pairs of Water,” an HCP that purifies at different times).

These devices purify two gallons of pure water per Hour for up eight people and two gallons per Minute for up 14 people.

A HCP in the worksThe HWC’s popularity has been on the rise, but there is still no clear definition of how it works.

Sperlies explained that the “HWP is a small device and it is designed specifically for small events.”

But, he added, the device isn’t water-powered and that is why it doesn’t need to be a water-purifying device.

It just needs to be an outlet and an outlet is a perfect device to connect to an outlet, he said, which “is what the HPC is designed around.”

The idea behind the HWC is that a water source is an important part of a wedding, party or other event.

It’s easy to forget that water is not a clean or safe water source.

This makes the HWD a great option for small functions, such as a wedding reception, and for small-scale events.

But, to be clear, this isn’t a device for people who work in hotel or restaurant kitchens.

If you’re a hotelier,

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