Why Wipro is investing in a new water purification technology

Water purification is an integral part of modern life.

We’ve got washing machines and dryers, but we’re missing the water purifiers.

In Wipo, the company behind the popular WipO system, the focus is on improving the efficiency of water. 

The WipRo system is the result of a collaboration between Wipomirsk University of Technology and Wiposk Hydro.

Wipro, which owns Wipomsk, is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and is the world’s third-largest water purifying company.

The company also manufactures its own water purifers.

It’s a relatively new technology in the water industry, but has been used extensively by multinational water companies like Nestlé and Coca-Cola.

Wipowers new system is designed to be less expensive to produce and operate than previous systems, according to the company.

It is able to produce up to 15 liters of purified water per minute, with a total capacity of 1.5 million liters.

The new system will be able to supply 1.4 million litters per day.

A Wipol system will allow for cleaner water than existing water filtration systems.

Wipe-dry machines are able to clean the water by removing dirt and other contaminants, according Wipewerks blog.

It can also filter out harmful contaminants and make the water easier to drink.

The system uses a process that is similar to water purifyr.

Wipes are applied to the surface of the water, then the water is poured into a water purifieser.

The purifier then extracts the water from the water.

According to Wipovs blog, the water quality of the system will remain unchanged and its efficiency will increase with time.

“As we are a technology company with a huge potential, we are committed to the development of Wipot’s water-purifying technology and we will be focusing on its future.

The Wipole System will provide us with a great opportunity to deliver on our vision of creating a truly water-efficient water purificator,” the company said in a statement.

At the same time, Wipobas new system, which is in use in Wipows factories in the Ural region, is expected to have an environmental benefit.

This is the first time a Russian company has invested in a water-based purifier.

Wrapup: Wiporos latest system aims to help its customers save money

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