New Delhi: Water purifiers cost $1,000

The cost of a new water purifying machine in the capital of India, which has a population of around 1.2 billion, is around $1.1 million.

The $1 million water purifiers, which are meant to replace existing municipal water treatment plants, will cost about $1 billion.

According to the ministry of power, the machines cost about Rs 2,500 ($300) per month for one unit, which can supply 200 litres of water to the city of 1.8 million people.

The machines will have a capacity of about 1.1 crore litres.

According the ministry, the new machines will be deployed at the start of the next fiscal year, when the power grid will be in a dire state.

The Delhi water supply, which is treated by the city’s municipal water distribution system, has been in crisis since last year when water from a river that runs through the city was polluted.

A new city water supply has been announced, but the machines are expected to be deployed in March.

The Delhi water purification machine.

A water purify machine in Delhi.

The water is treated at a special purification plant, known as a kara, and is sent to a purifier.

(PTI photo) The machines, which have been approved by the government, will be fitted to the water distribution systems of the three biggest cities in the country: Delhi, Gurgaon and Kochi.

Delhi’s water supply is now being treated by a special filtration plant called the kara that has to be purified at least five times before it reaches the municipal water supply.

The purification plants are located in Delhi and Gurgaons.

The new machines, made by Waterx, will not be able to purify the city water, but will remove toxins and other contaminants that have been added to the river.

According to officials, the purifiers will not require any treatment plant.

However, officials said the machines will need to be equipped with filters.

The Delhi Municipal Corporation (DMCC) said it will purchase the machines from Waterx for Rs 1,100 per unit and install them in three new water distribution centres in the city.

In a statement, DMCC spokesperson Vikas Jain said the city has decided to purchase the purifier machines for a total cost of Rs 2.5 billion.

“The city has identified a total of $1 trillion to invest in public works and public infrastructure, with Rs 500 crore being allocated for water purifications and $2.5 trillion for water transmission and distribution, according to the government,” the statement said.

Water purifiers in Delhi.(Reuters photo)The Delhi Water Department, the state water supply department, is also spending a lot of money to get the machines in place.

In February, the Delhi government announced a plan to get 200,000 new filters and filters for the city from WaterX.

The plan is to start rolling out the machines by the end of March.

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