Month: June 2021

The best and worst of purified water products

Crossfield, the maker of purified and purified water, has a lot to be proud of.The company is also in the midst of a massive recall over faulty products.Crossfield issued a statement Monday night saying it is taking “very serious measures” to fix the defective water purification products, which are known to be contaminated with lead.The […]

How to stop the water flowing into your home

By Andrew DesslerA home water filter is a vital part of a healthy home, but many are not as reliable as they could be, according to a new report.In an analysis published in the journal Science, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, say that while water filters can cut […]

Why a water purification device works – BBC News

The water purifiers in your home are a key part of your water management.They cleanse your water of contaminants, bacteria and other contaminants before it enters your home.They remove toxins and pollutants that could harm your health.But how well does a water filter work?Why does it cleanse the water, but not your gut?What about the […]

Which products are safe to use with your hair?

Water purifiers are an essential tool in the hair care industry.When you use a hair-care product, it can take up to a day to flush the waste out of your hair.A good rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t rinse your hair once a week or more, and you should wash it regularly.The purifier that […]

Aquafit: The latest water purifiers

Aquafits are small, portable water purifying devices.They are typically designed to be used in the shower or on the bathroom floor.They use liquid nitrogen and water.This week, Aquafites became the newest water purification devices to go on sale in the United States.According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Aquafite is one of the most […]

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