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How to use a faucets and a fiddlehead to clean your home

If you have a leaky faucette, you may want to get rid of it with a fiddlerhead.Faucet makers offer different types of fiddlers, some of which come with pre-installed faucettes and faucetry to help with a leak.One such fiddler, the Sparkler, comes with a stainless steel fauceter and water filter.It is available in a variety […]

How to make your own water purifiers

Water purifiers are essential in modern life, but they are expensive and can be a time-consuming chore.Now, we’re learning that you can make your very own water dispenser at home.A video posted by RTE (@rte) on Sep 29, 2018 at 11:33am PDTWhat is a water dispensing machine?A water dispensation machine is a simple device that […]

When water purifiers are so expensive, they’re often not worth the investment

Posted June 01, 2020 07:52:49A new study suggests that some water purification systems can actually be a waste of money.It’s a surprising finding that some systems actually cost more to operate than they’re worth, and that the systems may even be more expensive to maintain than the water purifying system itself.According to the study by […]

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