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What you need to know about water purifiers and their features The Verge

The next generation of water purifying systems are coming soon.And they’re going to change the way we use water for our health.But before you get your water purification kit out, make sure you know the basics.We’ve laid out a guide to water purifyr basics, and you can find a full guide on the official website […]

Why does my water taste different?

Posted September 28, 2018 09:08:37The answer may be found in a little-known element in the water you drink.Water purifiers are among the most popular household items, and are increasingly popular in Australian homes.But as the industry continues to boom, it is finding that consumers may be finding their water tastes different.According to the Australian Water […]

Laser water purifiers cost more than $100K, according to government study

The price of a water purification system has been estimated to be about $100,000, according a government report released Wednesday.The price tag for a high-end water purifying system with a laser can be $100 million, according the report from the Federal Trade Commission.The report said that’s just the price tag, but that the cost could […]

Water purifier can save lives

KANGEN, South Africa (AP) The head of South Africa’s water authority has proposed a new water purification technology that he says is “really a breakthrough.”It’s called alkaline distilled water, or KDF.Its makers say it can remove some of the toxins and pollutants from drinking water, making it safe for humans and animals.Its proponents say it […]

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