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When can I use your water purifiers? Hacker News

The water purification product, known as Puraqua, has been touted as a water purifying device that has been around for many years.But, Puraqa, and its main competitor, the popular AquaPure, have both received a number of complaints from consumers.The company has said that its water purifers do not degrade as well as the AquaPure and […]

How to Choose the Best Water Purifier for Your Aquarium

Aquarium purifiers are among the most popular items in the market, but they aren’t always the best choice.You might want to consider some other options like the above, which purifies the water in your aquarium in your bathtub.However, if you’re looking to save money on the purchase of a water purifying device, we’ve compiled a […]

Which is better: water purifier, water bottle, or bottle of purified water?

The answer is clear, water purifiers.They’re more cost effective than water bottles, but less expensive.And while it may be cheaper to buy a water purification system than an air purifier or an in-home water filter, that’s only if you’re using a water filtration system.Here’s why: There are more water filts in homes than ever before.We’re […]

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