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Which is better: a water purification system, or a water filtration system?

By now you’ve heard that water purifiers are becoming more common in homes around the world.Many cities, especially those in Asia and Africa, have started installing the water filters, which can provide fresh water for residents.Others are installing them in places where they are not required.But in Malaysia, the country’s biggest city, a recent poll […]

Which is the best purifier?

This article originally appeared on National Review.The title says it all.If you’re a purist, you’re probably not a purifier.The article explains why.As a purifying water purifier, you use a combination of pure water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen to clean your home.The main ingredient is carbon dioxide, which can be found in any kind of purifying […]

How much water you need to clean your home

A new water purification product from a Silicon Valley startup has been shown to make your home feel cleaner, even when you don’t have to scrub down your bathroom or shower.The Water-Pure product works by turning water into an electrolyte, a fluid that acts like a “natural” cleanse, rather than the usual solution of water […]

How to save your family’s water supply

Water purification machines are not going to replace your taps, but they can help reduce the amount of waste water flowing into your home.According to the American Water Works Association, the average home is using 1.3 gallons of water a day, while the average U.S. home is actually using more than 9.8 gallons.Here are some […]

More than 1 million gallons of water used for drinking in Washington DC to cool homes and businesses

By the end of June, 1.2 million gallons had been used in Washington, DC, and more than 5 million gallons have been reclaimed by local homeowners and businesses.The water, delivered by water trucks from the city’s Department of Transportation, was used to cool buildings, cook food, and cool water-powered appliances, including refrigerators and dryers.The city’s […]

What you need to know about the Water Purifier sticker controversy

Water purifiers are supposed to be good for us, and they are.The EPA is encouraging states to install them, which have a proven track record of reducing air pollution, reducing the number of asthma attacks and improving water quality in communities.They’re great for families and businesses.But when the water supply goes wrong, the purifier goes […]

Which water purifiers should you buy?

Renovo has announced a new water purification device that it claims can eliminate 80% of bacteria from your drinking water.According to a press release, the device, which is due to be launched in March, “will reduce the amount of bacteria in your drinking tap water from around 1,000 micrograms per liter to 0.001, or one […]

When will Xiaomi’s new air purifier come to market?

With Xiaomi’s AirPulse air purifiers already on sale, the company is taking a more expansive approach to water purification.Xiaomi has launched two air purification models for smartphones, the Mi Air 1 and Mi Air 2, and both are available in various flavors.The AirPulses also come with a new water filter, the WaterFinder, which makes it […]

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