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How to use your aqua-purifying water for a summer camping trip

Water purifiers are great for water conservation.They’re great for keeping your water clean.They make it easier to filter out pollutants and pathogens, and they purify and disinfect your water, even in the heat of summer.But for many people, water purifiers also come with their own set of drawbacks.Read more about water purification. The aqua purifier I’m going […]

Why do some Australians choose to buy water purifiers?

Water purifiers are not all that useful.But for some Australians, the convenience of a water purifying device is worth the effort.Water purifying machines are commonly used in hospitals and nursing homes to keep the water from being contaminated by bacteria and viruses.The machines are generally large, and cost about $50.The machine can also provide the […]

How to get the best water quality in your apartment

A recent National Review article about how to keep your water purifying system from causing water poisoning or lead poisoning said you need to “purify all of your water with tap water.”That’s a pretty bad recommendation.It’s also pretty easy to forget to use bottled water when you’re using the same amount of water you use […]

Why Wipro is investing in a new water purification technology

Water purification is an integral part of modern life.We’ve got washing machines and dryers, but we’re missing the water purifiers.In Wipo, the company behind the popular WipO system, the focus is on improving the efficiency of water. The WipRo system is the result of a collaboration between Wipomirsk University of Technology and Wiposk Hydro.Wipro, which owns […]

‘Handheld Water Purifier’ turns water into beer

By Alex Lantier-USA TODAY SportsThe latest buzzword in the water purification industry is the “Handheld” water purifying device, or HWP.There are three major HWP models: one for home, one for a business and one for hotels.But the HWP’s popularity in the hotel industry has been a bit of a mystery.In this episode of The Scoop […]

How to buy a purifier: How to get rid of the chlorine and acid that are making your water so dirty and sickening

What is purifying your water?It’s a question that has been plaguing people for years.And it has finally reached the point where people are going to resort to this, a purification.And what does a purifying purifier do?It purifies your water.It cleans your tap water.It turns it into a disinfectant.It kills bacteria.So if you are not going […]

EPA warns water contaminated with chemicals may contain toxins

EPA has warned drinking water in the nation’s capitol may contain dangerous levels of toxic chemicals, including lead, cadmium, mercury and other contaminants.According to a statement issued Thursday, EPA officials have determined that water samples taken in December 2015 and January 2016 contained levels of lead and cadmia levels of 50 ppb and 50 ppg.The […]

Which is more efficient: a water purification system or an ecopure one?

This article was produced by The Washington Post, which is part of the USA TODAY Network.The content is solely the responsibility of the author.Post writers review news material for accuracy and relevance.The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of USA TODAY.Read or Share this story:

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